Basic Subcategory, Level 3

This subcategory is a third level of hierarchy.

Single Item Products

This category is at the fourth level of hierarchy. There is no fixed limit on the number of category levels. Notice that this category has Next/Previous buttons because there are enough products in it to trigger these.

Multiple Version Products

These products can have multiple versions which are normally displayed in a tabular format. This is ideal for items such as food or drink which may come in various sized containers, each having a unique SKU/code, as well as a different price and weight.

Options Products

Some types of products are highly-configurable with many different options that a user can choose from. Each option may add to or subtract from the headline price (as well as the total weight). CactuShop shows any price changes in real-time as options are selected. Notice in this category that we have also set the product display to 'short format'. There are several different display options that can be set at category level; you don't need to use the same format throughout the whole store.

Option Combinations Products

The products in this category are very similar to options products, but they have an extra step to create individual 'combination' records for every permutation of possible options.